Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

No apologies for suggesting payback to U.S. or investigating the massacre of unarmed civilians

June 11, 2011

"We had a frank and spirited discussion about the Camp Ashraf massacre by Iraqi troops," Rohrabacher said. "There was never any indication the Prime Minister was angered by this or by my suggestion that when Iraq is prosperous they consider repaying America what we have spent on their behalf. "No apologies are necessary for suggesting the massacre of unarmed civilians by Iraqi troops is something that needs to be investigated which I plan to do so as Chairman of the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee," said Rohrabacher. "Furthermore, I do not apologize for suggesting that once prosperous, Iraq should consider repaying the United States for the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to liberate them from a tyrannical dictator and helping to establish a democratic government," Rohrabacher continued. "There's nothing wrong with suggesting that the people who have benefited from our benevolence should consider repaying us for what we have given them." In response to media reports the delegation had been expelled from Iraq, Mr. Rohrabacher said, "There was no change in our scheduling while we were in Iraq. Our itinerary remained exactly the same and we departed as scheduled. "We were not officially told to leave the country before we left and were never told or warned not to come back."

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