Rohrabacher Votes against Obamacare Health Bill

"Obamacare cuts Medicare by hundreds of billions of dollars & spends billions of dollars to provide healthcare for illegal immigrants, " Rohrabacher said. The bill passed the House by a slim 220 - 215 vote margin with all but one Republican voting against it. Rohrabacher added, "The Obamacare powergrab will take billions from our seniors and subsidize illegals immigrants, but worse it will destroy our freedom. When the Berlin Wall came down 20 years ago, we made the mistake thinking that socialism was defeated."


Rohrabacher Endorses Doug Hoffman for Congress

Hoffman is running on the ballot as the candidate of the Conservative Party In New York's 23rd Congressional District.  Rohrabacher, a senior Republican member of Congress and former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, said today,  ‘Hoffman is the only candidate in the race that shares my conservative Republican principles. “

The race in New York is a special election that will decide who replaces former Republican Congressman John McHugh, who was recently appointed Secretary of the Army by the Obama Administration.   Rohrabacher noted that this is a particularly important race because of the current financial crisis in Washington.  “Doug Hoffman has the principles and the courage to do what is right.  He’ll shake things up in Washington at a time when it really needs to be shaken.”

Rohrabacher, who began his career as a speechwriter for President Reagan, noted, “Doug Hoffman is the only candidate in this race that is more like Ronald Reagan than Jimmy Carter.”

“We don’t need Tweedle-Dum or Tweedle-Dee, we need Hoffman.  He’s not afraid to stand up and speak the truth,” Rohrabacher said, "A Republican Majority in name only means nothing, especially in a district that can elect a real Republican."


Rep. Rohrabacher Warns Against Proposed Changes in California’s Primary Election Rules.

Former Secretary of State Bruce McPherson may represent powerful interests who want to manipulate primary voting in California, but he doesn’t represent the interests Republicans or CA voters in general.   The so-called Open Primary is false labeling that is designed to fool the CA voters into giving up the right to choose and to control their own party through the ballot box. More accurate descriptions of this deceptive proposal would be:  “Crossover Primary” or “Closed General.” 

The registered voters in both parties have the right of freedom of association to be part of a political organization that reflects their views and is not controlled by people with opposing views.  The crossover (so called “open”) primary would encourage politicians to play power politics by directing voters of one party to undercut the right of their opposition to nominate their very best candidate.  This would add dramatically to the cost of getting elected to office and would deny voters in the general election a clear choice between two alternatives.  It would diminish the influence of individual votes.  “Crossover Primary” or "Closed General," whatever you want to call it, the misnamed open primary ballot proposition would be harmful to representative government in our state, and a boon to political wheeler dealers and power brokers.


Dana's Statement on the Joe Wilson Vote

No one should excuse Representative Joe Wilson if they would be upset if a Democrat did the same thing to President Ronald Reagan. If a Democrat would have called Ronald Reagan a liar in the middle of his address to Congress Republicans would have demanded that he apologize to the House for violating its rules and to the President for being rude and interrupting his speech. The bottom line is President Obama was lying but Joe should have called him on it after the speech and off the floor of the House. Republicans have got to do more than just try to play low brow politics with the issue of the moment. The real issue here is illegal immigration and socialization of health insurance in America. The White House-backed Health Insurance legislation intentionally did not contain mechanisms to exclude illegal immigrants. the president wasn't telling the truth but interrupting his address to congress was rude and unacceptable. Joe's outbursts may have had positive results in bringing the issue to the people's attention but he needed to prevent long term damage to the civility of congressional debate by apologizing to the House. Today's vote did not censure him, all it did was condemn his action which he has already agreed was wrong. If he had also apologized to the House there'd have been no resolution.


Rohrabacher votes No on Cap and Tax Scheme

Even though it's been getting colder for ten years, Leftists used Global Warming as an excuse for the biggest power grab in American History. "In the end America's jobs will go to China and the economy will go to Hell" said Rohrabacher during the Congressional Debate.


Rohrabacher Votes Hell No on Obama's $3.5 Trillion Budget

Rohrabacher issued the following statement after voting against Obama's behemoth budget: "Obama's proposal spends too much, taxes too much, regulates too much, goes into debt too much, and sets the lawyers up to litigate too much. The tax increases alone will strangle economic recovery. The hundreds of billions of dollars passed on to the American people by an Obama Cap and Trade program will make the lives of ordinary people even more miserable and discourage the development of our domestic oil and gas, leaving us with less energy rather than more.'


Rohrabacher Votes to Stop Bailout Bonus Ripoffs

Congressman Rohrabacher voted for legislation strengthening the controls aimed at stopping Bailout bonus ripoffs. However, the amendment (H.R. 1656) he offered that would have toughened the legislation was refused by the Democrats to come to a floor vote.


Rohrabacher Opposes Los Angeles Port Deal with China

Congressman Rohrabacher issued the following statement: "The Port of Los Angeles was wrong to give a contract for security equipment to a Chinese Company in the first place. It was right to take a second look at the matter. It is now wrong to give the issue a third round of decision making. All of this confusion relates directly to the lack of guidelines by the Department of Homeland Security.

"The most important factor in purchasing security equipment should be that it’s not coming from a potential enemy. That should exclude Chinese security equipment. The fact that the President of China’s son is part of this deal indicates that the whole deal deserves a great deal more scrutiny. I would suggest that the Port of Los Angeles start all over again and this time exclude consideration for security equipment manufactured by a potential national security threat like China." 


Rohrabacher applauds release of Ramos and Compean

Representative Dana Rohrabacher released the following statement regarding President Bush’s decision to commute the sentences of imprisoned Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean:

“Our prayers have been answered! This is not just a day of celebration for the families but it is a victory for all Americans, while acknowledging our system is flawed, to see that if they are involved, if they speak up and utilize their freedom, injustices can be corrected. The hearts of all patriotic Americans are filled with joy at the announcement that our brave border defenders, Ramos and Compean, will be freed from unjust captivity."

“We are grateful at long last that President Bush has done the right thing by these men and their families and the president should be included in our prayers of gratitude. I am humbled by the sincerity of support I saw over the last two and half years for Ramos and Compean from both sides of the political aisle and everyday Americans throughout our country.”


Rohrabacher Challenges GOP to Adopt a Bold New Agenda

The following was distributed to Republican members of the House during their recent organization meeting:


For the last thirty years, the United States has permitted lopsided trade with China. We have made it easy for American businesses to shut down domestic manufacturing and relocate factories in China. We have closed our eyes to technology rip-offs and the wholesale theft of American intellectual property. All this has been justified by the clearly flawed argument that economic engagement will result in political reform. There has been no political reform. We have created a monster that threatens our security even as it undermines the prosperity of our people. It is time to end this lopsided trade and stand up for our own people rather than the limited number of billionaires who are reaping huge short-term profits from trade with China, even as it drags down their fellow Americans and puts our country in jeopardy. All this while Chinese believers continue to be thrown into a murderous prison system.


We’ve done our best not to confront this thinly veiled power play, but for over a decade, multinational mega-tech electronic companies have been trying to destroy America’s patent system. That, or at least weaken it so our inventors can be robbed, as they are under the weak patent laws found in much of the rest of the world. These mega-tech giants, who don’t want to pay royalties to the little guy, have never been our friend. The so-called patent reform bills of the past 15 years have been aimed not at reforming the patent system, but weakening it, perhaps fatally. The GOP should be the friend of America’s small inventors and all of the other industries and educational institutions that rely on strong patent protection.


We must be the party of choice and cost reduction. We must lead the fight against efforts to regulate and control vitamins and food supplements. Sick Americans, especially the terminally ill, should not be denied the right to experiment with drugs that have yet to be approved.
The elongated process of FDA approval costs tens of billions of dollars and is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. We must champion the freedom of our people as compared to the Democrats who will protect them to death, hurting more people than they are helping while driving costs ever higher.


President Bush and Senator McCain did America and the GOP a disservice when they smothered the anti-illegal immigration sentiment evident among Republicans. It was one of the few major wedge issues that could have attracted Democrat voters. We have limited health care and education dollars. Insisting those resources go to American citizens and legal immigrants should be a no-brainer. Muddying the water so the voters did not have a clear choice on this issue cost us votes. Again, we need to proudly proclaim we are on the side of the American people if we expect them to be on our side.


Most of us, even those too cautious to say so, know that Global Warming is a politically motivated hoax, a power grab of historic proportion. We must have the courage to stand up and argue our case. Our positive alternative is that we are targeting pollution here at home, which is a goal we can achieve, rather than attempts to change the climate trends of the entire planet. The global warming agenda will be rejected by the American people if we alert them to the enormous price (money and lifestyle) they are expected to pay. Our members should be thoroughly briefed to meet the rapidly approaching debates on this issue. The American people will suffer as a result of this nonsense. Again, we need to be on their side.


The US should not be granting more power and authority to the United Nations, or any other unelected international body. It threatens the sovereignty of our nation. Nations that have some of the worst human rights records in the world are represented in this body and have a voice in global policy set by the U.N. We should focus our international efforts on bilateral (country to country) rather than multilateral agreement. This fundamental difference between our parties needs to be highlighted whenever possible. American interests, not some globalist dream, should be the major focus of American diplomacy.


Had McCain opposed the Wall Street bailout, the election would have been different. The majority of our GOP House Members opposed the bailout, yet our leadership used its influence to the contrary. This only solidified the image that there is little or no difference between the parties and reaffirmed what the American people have begun already to believe—that the GOP has become the party of rich wheeler dealers. We should oppose all future bailout proposals and offer less costly alternatives; alternatives we were denied the last time around.


Abe Lincoln not only freed the slaves, he was also the father of the Homestead Act. The Homestead Act not only shaped our country into what it is today, but also formed an alliance between Republicans and ordinary Americans that held for fifty years. In an age of bailouts and obvious CEO abuses against their own corporations, stockholders, and employees, we should offer bold alternatives to the Democrat game plan of more and more control by federal bureaucrats. Rather than complain about unions as the problem, which is not always the case, we should offer working people a share of the action. In short, stock given to employees (in a wide distribution to all employees) should not be taxed as income, and if the employee holds it for tens years, there should be no capital gains tax. Expanding employee ownership will have tremendous positive political, economic, and social implications, as did Abe Lincoln’s Homestead Act.


Let’s give the Post Service and all its assets to the postal employees, and create a new delivery corporation with no debt and lots of assets. Then, let the Post Service compete like everybody else. Overnight, 600,000 people who think of themselves as government employees will become private sector owners anxious to succeed. This same system of privatization may work with other parts of the federal government once it is proven with the Post Service.


In recent years, especially since 9-11, Republicans have ignored our traditional commitment to limited and decentralized government, and in some cases, have compromised our long-term commitment to individual liberty. This loss of fundamental direction was never clearer than when our party championed reauthorizing a version of the Patriot Act which did not include the sunsets that were such an important part of the original legislation. Now the expanded power we granted the executive branch over the years will rest in the hands of our political opponents. When an emergency requires a temporary expansion of federal powers we need to ensure what we do will not lay the foundation for the creation of an all-powerful federal police state never intended by our founding fathers, or any of the liberty loving patriots who followed.


This doesn’t require any new suggestions. There are many great Republican ideas in this arena to draw upon.


The California referendum process, with a few blatant exceptions, has served our state well. Having an issue presented directly to the American people to officially poll them as part of the national debate may well serve America. If one believes our constituents to be instinctively more conservative than the people they elect to go to Washington, a national referendum, or national poll, will help us mobilize votes, as was recently the case with Proposition 8 in California.

13. Energy

The Republicans are, and should continue to be, the champions of prioritizing the development of American domestic energy production. Whether it be oil, gas, coal, nuclear, biomass, solar, wind or any other type of energy, we should be facilitating, utilizing, and putting online domestic sources of energy. The Democrats are so hamstrung on this issue by the radical environmental alliance they can’t support issuing approval for solar plants in vast stretches of desert and wasteland. They are also unable to support nuclear energy, and on that front Republicans should be supporting wonderful technology alternatives provide by the high temperature gas reactor. The reactor is a new system that minimizes waste, maximizes safety, cannot meltdown, and can’t be turned into a weapon. Additionally, utilizing the technology will bring down the waste in Yucca Mountain.



Rohrabacher Increases Lead Over Cook to 10 Points

Rohrabacher increased his lead over Cook to a solid 10 points, garnering 53% of the vote. His Democrat opponent Cook's share of the vote shrank from 43.5% to 42.9%. This comfortable margin of victory was received despite the largest Democrat landslide election in decades.



The voters of the 46th Congressional District re-elected Dana by a 52.3 percent to 43.5 percent vote margin. Despite the largest Democrat landslide election in decades, voters stuck by Dana.


Rep. Rohrabacher earns Grade-A from Numbers USA for Sensible Immigration

Rep. Rohrabacher has earned a NumbersUSA Immigration Reduction Grade of "A," based on immigration votes on the floor and in committees of the U.S. House, and on co-sponsorship of Legislation.

In terms of immigration actions, Rep. Rohrabacher has done more than most of the 435 U.S. Representatives to…

…restore respect for the rule of law and reduce illegal immigration
…help American workers avoid cuts in their wages
…improve the employment possibilities of the most vulnerable Americans, especially the Hispanic and Black underclasses
…protect environmental resources from federally-forced population growth
…spare communities from worsening congestion and quality of life
…reduce the growth in U.S. energy demand

NumbersUSA's grades reflect every recorded action which would affect overall immigration numbers. NumbersUSA positively grades all actions that would reduce both illegal and authorized immigration. The grades cover actions taken in both the current Congress and the previous Congress (2005-2008).

As a “Grade-A Representative for Sensible Immigration,” Rep. Rohrabacher has contributed greatly toward a more economically just and environmentally sustainable America.


Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay to appear at Rally and Precinct Walk on Saturday

Meg Whitman, the former President and CEO of Ebay and National Co-Chair of the McCain Campaign will appear at a precinct walk and Rally at Representative Rohrabacher's Huntington Beach Headquarters at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 1. Additional guests include Representives Buck McKeon and Ed Royce, Supervisors Pat Bates and John Moorlach and CRP Chairman Ron Nehring. The day's activities begin at 8 a.m with a pancake breakfast, then precinct walks from 9a.m. to 1 p.m. At 1:30 p.m. Representative Rohrabacher will be on hand to Bar BQ hamburgers and hotdogs for precinct walkers and special guests. After Bar BQ a second precinct walk will take place in the afternoon and go on until dark.


The Long Beach Press Telegram Endorses Representative Rohrabacher

The Long Beach Telegram endorsed Representative Dana Rohrabacher for re-election for the 46th Congressional District, picking him as the best candidate over his opponent Debbie Cook. The Long Beach Press Telegram recognized Rohrabacher's aggressive leadership.

Representive Rohrabacher has made a major difference for the better in Long Beach. At his insistence, port hours were extended, easing congestion from heavy truck traffic on local freeways. Representative Rohrabacher has worked to ensured federal funds for Long Beach's major desalination project. He has advocated container fees at the ports to help pay for local infrastructure needs.


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) Endorses Representative Rohrabacher

Dear Dana Rohrabacher Campaign:

We are pleased to inform you that Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has endorsed your campaign for 2008. Our endorsement has been placed on our website at which receives over 5 million hits per month.

We are Americans of every race and ethnic background, including many LEGAL immigrants, who stand together for a nonviolent and non-racist solution to our illegal immigration crisis.

The over 25,000 supporters of our extensive network are now being encouraged to vote for you, persuade others to vote for you, and to offer assistance as volunteers and contributors.

As one of the leading grassroots organizations in America opposing Amnesty and illegal immigration, we are endorsing your campaign because we feel you will aggressively oppose any form of Amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens in America.

We also feel that you will utilize the full authority of Congress to assure that the next President fully enforces our existing immigration laws. More than 80% of the voters want our existing laws enforced, as well as, our borders secured, employers fined who hire illegal aliens, taxpayer benefits removed for illegals, and local police empowered to enforce immigration laws.

A historic number of federal campaigns are stating their opposition to amnesty, and are supporting more immigration enforcement in 2008. Very few are promising a path to citizenship for illegal aliens because that plan is massively unpopular with the public. However, big Global business interests want Amnesty and we are counting on you to stop them.

If approximately 15 million illegal aliens are given a path to citizenship, the self-governance of America's legal citizens will be overthrown and a new voting block, which will oppose any future border security and immigration enforcement will be formed, thus leaving America politically defenseless against future waves of millions of illegal

Over 80% of Americans currently feel our nation is on the wrong path and the core issues driving those historic numbers are the bad economy, the war, and rampant illegal immigration resulting from the non-enforcement and under enforcement of our existing immigration laws by the Executive Branch. It is clear that big business controls the Executive Branch more than the American public or the existing laws of Congress.

Our immigration system is not broken, it has been paralyzed by the influence of groups like the US Chamber of Commerce and the mega corporations that want cheap labor and economic growth via rapid population growth.

We are counting on you to stand with the American public on this issue. We are counting on you to make sure our Republic is restored and the voice of the American people returns as the guiding principle in the actions and policies of the Executive Branch.

Please do your best to make sure that every voter in your district knows you oppose Amnesty in any form for illegal aliens and that they can expect more immigration enforcement, if you are elected.

Illegal immigration is starting to reverse in America due to the bad economy and more immigration enforcement on the state level. We need your help to assure this trend expands and continues. We can reduce the number of illegal aliens in America peacefully and gradually by millions, if we simply ENFORCE OUR EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAWS.

Recent history tells us from examples set in Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Arizona, that most illegal aliens will leave on their own, once they know enforcement is taking place, thus the need for mass deportations are not needed. When Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Franklin Delano Roosevelt engaged in mass deportations in the 1930's and 50's, many more illegal aliens left on their own accord.

If you are elected, large financial and political influences will immediately besiege you to stop the reversal of illegal immigration, override the states, and turn millions of illegal aliens into voters, thus ending America as we know it. Such an action would rip this nation apart. Please stand up for the American people against these power groups.

Let's see America enforce our existing immigration laws for a few years before there is anymore talk of a Guest Worker, Temporary Worker Program, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, or a path to citizenship Amnesty!

Best of luck on election day and we will do all we can to promote your campaign to the 80% of Americans who agree with your pro-enforcement positions.


William Gheen
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864


Rep. Rohrabacher to appear on Lou Dobbs (CNN)tonight

Rep. Rohrabacher to appear on Lou Dobbs (CNN)tonight
opposing the purchase of Chinese-made electronic scanners for port security purposes. Rep. Rohrabacher calls for stronger security standards to prevent American port security from being dependent on Chinese electronic scanners.

Rohrabacher warns that the Chinese government is hostile to America’s long term interests, and could some day become an enemy. “In a crisis they could deny us spare parts or disable the equipment upon which we depend. So let’s not become dependent on the Chinese.”

"The ports aren’t at fault for accepting the lowest bid. It’s American trade policy toward China that’ putting us in jeopardy and this is just one example."


CCAGW PAC Endorses Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for California's 46th District

WASHINGTON, Oct 16, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGW PAC) today announced its endorsement of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for Congress in California's 46th Congressional District.
"In this time of massive new government spending and bailouts, huge budget deficits, and inefficient bureaucracies, taxpayers need a friend in Washington that will look out for their interests and not the special interests," said Thomas Schatz, president of CCAGW PAC. "That is why CCAGW PAC supports Rep. Rohrabacher, a true fiscal conservative who has pledged to reduce the size of government by working to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse."

Rep. Rohrabacher has been a principled advocate of lower taxes and a smaller government since arriving in Washington. Rep. Rohrabacher received a score of 91 percent in the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste 2007 Congressional Ratings, earning the rank of Taxpayer Hero. "This score proves Rep. Rohrabacher looks out for taxpayers and future generations by finding ways to cut out-of-control Washington spending and eradicate wasteful programs," declared Schatz.

For example, Rep. Rohrabacher voted against congressional pork-barrel projects such as the Maverick Concert Hall preservation in New York City; the Exploratorium in San Francisco; the Kansas Regional Prisons Museum; and the National Drug Intelligence Center in Johnstown, Pa. that has been recommended for closure because of its expensive and duplicative use of federal drug enforcement resources.

Rep. Rohrabacher voted for a 1 percent or 0.5 percent across-the-board cut to several appropriations bills, which amount to a penny or half-cent cut for every dollar spent.

"The total cost of government consumes nearly half of the average American's income. Rep. Rohrabacher continues to say 'no' to the overspending in Washington and will work for the best interest of citizens in the 46th district in California and for taxpayers nationwide," Schatz concluded.

CCAGW PAC is affiliated with the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, a 501(c)(4) organization. CCAGW PAC's mission is to support political candidates who will fight to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in government and represent the best interests of taxpayers.

SOURCE: Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee

Elizabeth Wright 202-467-5330


Dana Votes No on the Wallstreet Bailout: It lacked Scrutiny, Guidelines and Had No Real Reform

When other less courageous members of Congress were stampeded into voting for a $700 Billion taxpayer ripoff, Dana was a strong NO vote against the the Wallstreet Bailout. Dana knows that hundreds of billions of dollars will end up being given to foreign banks and others who don’t deserve to get their hands on our limited tax dollars.

Reasons for opposing the Bailout:

No Other Options Considered

The bailout bill was stampeded through Congress with no opportunity to debate meaningful alternatives. Some members of Congress attempted to offer other alternatives. For example Congressman Steven LaTourette introduced an amendment with broad support that would have reduced the authorization from $700 billion to $250 billion, saving the taxpayers half a trillion dollars. The Treasury Secretary himself admitted to the Washington Post that he intends to spend on average $50 billion a month in toxic asset acquisitions. Representative La Tourette’s amendment would have limited the Secretary to only 5 months of spending. At that point, Congress could have re-evaluated the situation to determine if further funding is warranted. This common sense amendment was not even given an opportunity to be debated.

Another popular alternative included a mandatory suspension of “mark to market” rules. A wide range of economists agree that current regulations often require assets to be valued lower than they actually are. Suspending these regulations temporarily would relieve the panic setting in some markets. The watered down language in the bill passed by the House merely grants the SEC the authority to suspend these rules, and does not require it.

No Fundamental Reforms Included

The bailout bill does nothing to address the initial root causes of the economic crisis we now face. It’s more of a carrot with no stick. Even proponents of the bill admit the root causes still exist providing no real oversight authority. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still not reformed. If we press the restart button without making any changes, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

Treasury Secretary Granted Unlimited Authority

The bailout bill grants overly broad new authority to the Treasury Secretary, yet lacks detailed specificity on the assets to be purchased. This misstep has led some legal scholars to raise constitutional concerns. It lacks specific guidelines and standards under which the Secretary can operate granting enormous discretion over hundreds of billions of additional dollars.

With no established criterion, that leaves open wasteful counterproductive and even corrupt expenditures of these funds. Furthermore, these guidelines were needed to issue stability in the potential upcoming transition to a new Treasury Secretary.

The Bill Pushed Too Hard and Too Fast

A bill of this magnitude needs to be carefully considered. Congress should exercise responsible scrutiny through Committee hearings and public comment. Unfortunately this bill was pushed through without adequate time for meaningful alternatives to be considered. Instead, scare tactics and alarmism prevented any substantive discussion. In less than one week, this bailout bill swelled from 3 pages, to 110, and finally to over 450 pages, with limited time to deliberate on all its provisions.

No Mandates to Recoup Taxpayer Losses

Proponents claim the government will be able to sell back these toxic assets for a profit at a later date. The bailout bill, however, merely directs the President to submit a report to Congress five years from now on how he plans to recoup our losses. Any serious desire for repayment should include set provisions, not just a report.

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Will Be Paid To Foreign Banks

If a financial crisis is as dire as the Treasury Secretary presented this one to be, our first priority should be to spend American dollars on American assets. Yet, no provision within this bill directs the Secretary to buy American assets. Ironically, a hundred billion dollars or more is likely to go to foreign financial institutions. We could potentially end up borrowing from Chinese banks to pay for Chinese banks.

Pork Added to Get Vote for Bailout

It is unconscionable that on an issue as important as this, completely irrelevant expenditures were added solely to secure additional votes. Some examples include excise tax breaks for wooden toy arrows, film and television production tax breaks, aid to rural schools, a monetary transfer to an abandoned mine reclamation fund, and permanent authority for undercover tax enforcement operations. While many of these provisions may be worthy on their own, they have no place in an alleged financial rescue bill.


Dana Opposes the Bailout

“Today’s vote reaffirms the independence of Congress and makes it clear that we will not be stampeded into spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in a precipitous manner. This legislation would have directed $700 billion of the people’s money to bailout rich and powerful interests who acted irresponsibly. It would have been a classic example of taking from those who’ve been responsible and giving it to those who have not.

“We were told without this effort our country would suffer a financial calamity of historic proportion. However, Congress has spoken and today’s defeat of the bill is a rebuke of such scare tactics. These tactics made many of us even more skeptical of being rushed to act, especially when we are being asked to allocate hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

“There were no reforms included in the bill that would have addressed the initial root causes of this financial mess, so there is no reason to believe if we passed the bill that we would not find ourselves in a similar crisis and on the edge of a similar economic abyss over and over again. The elites in the financial industry wanted us to give them a blank check. Well, that’s not responsible and it doesn’t take a financial genius to predict the resulting special interests feeding frenzy. Whether this feeding would ever avert an economic debacle is yet to be seen.

“Effective reform takes time, commitment and cooperation which were obviously not a part of this speeded up, hysteria driven proposal. I remain willing to work with all of my colleagues in the House to fix our broken financial system. In the end, this bailout proposal was socialism for the rich or better, socialism without a human face. It deserved to be defeated.”


Minuteman Project President, Jim Gilchrist, Endorses California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Dear American Patriots,

It is a distinguished honor to announce my personal endorsement of U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California's 46th Congressional District in his bid for re-election.

Congressman Rohrabacher has been instrumental in his tireless efforts to get two wrongly imprisoned U.S. border patrol agents pardoned from federal prison for what millions of American citizens, law enforcement officers, and over one hundred Congressmen claim were bogus charges.

In addition to Congressman Rohrabacher's tough stand in support of immigration law enforcement, he has an impressive record of fiscal responsibility for taxpayers, many of whom pay about 40% of their earned income in federal and state taxes annually.  He is serious about cutting our tax burdens, not increasing them.

I have known Congressman Rohrabacher for four years and I feel he sincerely believes in "representative" government, a governing process that truly reacts to the concerns of our citizens, not the whims of special interest lobbyists. 

For these and other reasons I am putting my full support behind Congressman Rohrabacher for re-election as California's U.S. Congressional Representative for the 46th District.

Jim Gilchrist